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DPP: The courts stay behind us, we will not be intimidated by threatening arbitration

27. 02. 2020 The JCDecaux Group in Prague has been trying to promote its business interests in the long run by pressure negotiations. Its subsidiary RENCAR failed in September last year at the Prague 9 District Court, which in dispute over the validity of the contract concerning the lease of advertising space on the assets of the Prague Public Transit Company. The City of Prague (DPP) decided in favor of the largest municipal company. According to the court, the contract is absolutely null and void. Until recently, JCDecaux offered “advantageous cooperation” without a tender, seeking all the subway areas and extending the existing DPP contract. When she did not march, she threatened arbitration. DPP will not be intimidated by these steps and will continue to proceed with the care of a proper manager and, in accordance with applicable Czech legislation, to maximize revenues from rental of advertising space.

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