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JCDecaux advertising space will start to disappear from Prague, it will take two years

1. 02. 2021 Hundreds of separate advertising spaces, now owned by JCDecaux, should start disappearing from the streets of Prague from the end of this year. He has a contract with the city mainly for shelters for public transport, but also for free-standing advertisements. Their gradual removal will take almost two years from the end of the contract between the company and the city on June 30 this year. This was stated by the councilor for the property Jan Chabr (TOP 09). At the same time, the municipality will remove advertisements illegally distributed in various parts of Prague. This could also apply to some areas that JCDecaux operates in streets such as Na Příkopě, Pařížská or Na Můstku in the historic center of the metropolis. According to a letter from the municipality’s property management department, the municipality, as the owner of the land, did not give its consent to these digital city light panels and there is no contract for them. Nevertheless, the building authority allowed their location.

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