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Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) is facing a criminal complaint against Rencar. Nonsense, the DPP responds

29. 07. 2019

Rencar, a member of the JCDecaux group, filed a lawsuit against DPP over the lease of the so-called citylight showcases in the subway, which has been taken over by BigBoard since July. According to Rencar, the bidding process was non-transparent and DPP caused damage of about 130 million crowns. Rencar also criticizes other tenders. According to DPP, however, thanks to transparent tenders, it is possible to earn many times higher income than from Rencar. Rencar’s accusations are completely meaningless, according to DPP management. The company and Rencar are judging a 1997 public transport contract, which, according to DPP, is disadvantageous and invalid as informed.

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