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Wi-fi has disappeared from the trams. DPP installs signal “amplifiers” and new cameras to change the meter

8. 07. 2020 The carrier turned off the unreliable free internet in trams even before the pandemic. In the metro, it is gradually being replaced by prepaid data. Free today, tomorrow for money. This inscription, known from the fairy tale Honza by the almost king, could easily have been hung up by a transport company in its trams a few months ago. Already in February, he quietly switched off the devices in the cars, which were supposed to offer passengers the opportunity to receive a free Wi-Fi signal to their mobile phones and tablets. The carrier plans to take the same step in six metro stations. Prague is withdrawing from this way of connecting to the Internet. Rather, it wants to cover the metro with the LTE mobile network, which will allow passengers to catch the internet they have prepaid with the operator.

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